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This page just reflects a spirit of collaboration among the different agents. In any case, it represents a corporate structure.

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Intellectual property

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Drugs information

Before using, and ask for any information on, you must accept our legal terms and conditions. Prescription drugs shall not treat neither will not be sent in any case without the prior presentation of the corresponding medical prescription. The information presented on this website is purely informative and in no case is intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Your doctor is the only one which has the ability to diagnose problems in your health and consequent to prescribe appropriate treatment.

Use of the Chat Online

GUERRERO pharmacy will not be liable for the use that can be neither of the contents that may be sent or displayed through the system of instant messaging (chat). None of the information and/or contents that could be introduced and/or displayed by this tool can be understood as content of GUERRERO pharmacy or that GUERRERO pharmacy have responsibility over these. All conversations will be recorded for control in the case that has any conflict of any kind with the user in the chat. However, the company reserves the right to withdraw access to this tool if you become aware of misuse of the same, i.e. the introduction of contents illegal or contrary to morals and public order, as well as in the case of misuse that is or may be harmful to the image of the group.


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Virtual POS (Point-of-Sale)

All transactions on are 100% safe, this implies that personal or banking data transmission operations are performed using a server based on the standard SSL (Secure Socked Layer) security technology. I.e., the information you transmit travels encrypted over the network.

In the same way all your credit card details are not recorded in any database, but they go directly to the Virtual POS (Terminal point of sale of the Bank).

The POS (point of sale) Virtual is a version for the internet of the physical POS for the stores. Make payment through credit cards, checking the validity of the card, requesting authorization of the payment to the issuing bank and confirming to the trade and to the buyer, payment in real time which makes it a safe and reliable.